Pedro Lobo

I'm a computer enthusiast who likes to be in touch with nature to meditate, create and relax.





After working as a Research Physicist focused on Computer Simulations, I decided to change my career to work in Tech Industry. Therefore, as I already got some programming skills, I took a Graduate course in Agile Software Engineering to better understand the developers' work and learn how to turn code into a more valuable product for stakeholders.

Now I'm a Software Developer, and I've been studying Java and the Backend environment for Web Applications.

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Learn by self-studies or by formal education? So far in my career, I've had the opportunity to mix up these two experiences. I believe both approaches have their benefits. Being in a classroom is handy for collaborative programs. But, doing it on my own incites my curiosity and provides a wide-ranging scope of learning. So, below are listed the courses I took.

Graduate of Software Engineering - Unyleya (2020 - 2021)
The program is based on the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. It covered topics from different areas of the Software Engineering process, including Development Methods such as SCRUM and Extreme Programming. In addition, the course explores Software Architecture Design and Analysis, User Interface / User Experience, and Project Management.

Master of Physics - FURG (2017 - 2019)
During the master's degree, I worked with a research team to study a simple Agent-Based model. The goal was to explain conditions that form herds of prey when they are under attack by predators (wildebeest and lions, for example). I also worked on a study to show an easy way to plot the atomic orbitals of hydrogen, typically seen in chemistry textbooks. For these projects, I developed applications in C++ and FORTRAN.

Bachelor of Physics - UFOP (2012 - 2017)
I studied the foraging pattern of the frugivorous leaf-nosed bat. This investigation combined Statistical Physics, Computational Simulation, and Ecology. The motivation was to verify the viability of using these agents as vectors to spread seeds in reforestation strategies. In this project, I developed an application in C++ and FORTRAN.

- Learn Advanced Java - Udemy (2021)
- Java 11 For Complete Beginners - Udemy (2021)
- Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 - Udemy (2020)
- Learn Advanced C++ Programming - Udemy (2020)

I have experience with Java and I've been studying Backend Web Development. In a nutshell, these are my primary skills so far.
- Java*
- C++
- Linux (Ubuntu)
- Git/ Github
- Markdown
- Vim
- Eclipse

These abilities listed below I'm somehow familiar with.
- MySQL*
- Spring Framework*
- Gradle*
- GNU Make
- JavaScript
- LaTeX
- C Programming Language
- Windows

*Languages and topics I'm currently learning.

Nature is so fascinating, don't you think?

For some reason, I don't know why the green environment evokes pleasurable feelings in me. So, whenever I get the chance, I sit in the sunset or take long outdoor walks. These are some of the things I usually do every day.

However, when I want to experience something deeply, I like to go trekking or even camping out in the middle of nowhere to talk to myself. That's when a mindful state brings up feelings of awe for what is around me.

When I'm in nature, I think it's all interesting. I like to observe the shapes of the rocks and shadows, the self-similar patterns across different scales on branches and leaves, the sound of creatures. I don't get tired of silently standing there, facing the crepuscular rays passing through the clouds and trees. A few hours later, eventually, I'm gifted by that silver smile in the night surrounded by stars. I believe with a telescope, everything might be even more impressive.

There are things only me, my backpack and boots know. Moments like that make me feel connected to the real world, letting my thoughts flow. That's the way I sometimes fully recharge my batteries.